Experienced Mediation Lawyer in Dallas- Fort Worth

ad_box_1Bud Silverberg is a very experienced and skilled negotiator and mediator who can help the parties resolve their disputes amicably and thus preserve the personal relationship that often exists between them.

Most of the time, parties come to mediation focused on the main issues in dispute. However, it is not unusual for the parties to overlook other issues that may be important to a settlement. Bud helps the parties identify and address such issues.


Helping businesses and individuals resolve their legal disputes amicably throughout the State of Texas, and The United States.

In mediation, the parties retain control over the process since the dispute will not be resolved unless both parties (or all parties, if more than two) agree upon a settlement. Moreover, by reaching an agreement, the parties know the exact terms and extent of the settlement which they have structured themselves. If, instead, the parties take their dispute to a court trial, the Court’s decision (or the ramifications of the Court’s decision) might be very different from the result that one or more of the parties ever anticipated. Mediation eliminates or minimizes this risk.

Areas of Mediation Expertise

  • Business, both domestic and international
  • Finance
  • Employment
  • Securities
  • Personal injury and other torts
  • Real estate
  • Construction of buildings, houses, and other structures
  • Oil and Gas
  • Franchises
  • Medical, legal, and accounting malpractice
  • Sexual, racial, and age discrimination
  • Probates and Estates
  • Income, estate, and property taxes
  • Family businesses
  • Governmental entities and agencies
  • Other matters
  • Malpractice
  • Discrimination
  • Family law
  • Taxes
  • International law

Mediation, the path to preserving personal and business relationships

One of the most important aspects of mediation is that it helps to preserve the personal and business relationships that exist between the parties. It is also not unusual for new relationships to be forged during the mediation process. Bud has experienced situations in which the parties came to mediation as bitter opponents, but during the mediation reached an agreement whereby they became business partners on a project in which they both had a deep interest. Although they came to mediation as adversaries, they left as partners and friends.

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Bud Silverberg conducts mediations in the Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout the US.