The following are Testimonials sent to Bud Silverberg by Participants in his Mediations:

“It is rare that parties find a mediator that understands all of the strengths and weaknesses of each side.” – Gary K.

“Simply stated, this case would not have gotten done without you.” – Wayne M.

“Bud is the ‘Gold Standard’ in terms of organization, clear direction, staying with the process, and being sensitive to the audience” – Bill N.

“My client was quite impressed with the job you did and the result you achieved” – David M.

“Never in my career have I been fortunate enough to work with such an accomplished mediator.” – Cecil C.

“Your skill in healing relationships, as well as resolving legal problems, is truly amazing.” – Barbara H.

“I want to express my appreciation for your mediation skills and perseverance. You really did a fabulous job.” – Paula M.

“When the parties gave up, you didn’t. Now the case has been put to bed due to your persistent efforts.” –Jeffrey H.

“You truly did a fabulous job of bringing that matter to closure. It was a virtuoso performance.” – Raymond K.

“”I still don’t know how you did it [resolve the dispute], but I guess that is part of your mediator’s mystique.” – Hal B.

“How to thank you for the extraordinary effort and imagenative approach to what appeared to be an impossible situation.” – Peter C.